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Thank You Veterans – Discount Code

First off, a special thank you to all who served (and serve) our country.

Craig with Parents on Food Tour, his Dad served in the Army during Vietnam and is a Veteran

Craig taking his parents on a food tour.

My Dad served in the army during Vietnam. I call him every Veteran’s Day to just let him know I remain grateful for his service. I also thank my Mom too. The sacrifices affect an entire fmaily.  I just spoke with them earlier this morning.

Now located in the Florida Keys I meet many Veterans who have served and others that still serve across all the branches of the US Armed Forces. I’ve learned much about their commitment and it deepened my appreciation for all those who sacrifice for our naiton.

I know many of us like to tip our cap to them all on Veteran’s Day and appreciate their service. We often buy them a drink, a coffee or even a meal – all wonderful gestures. Please continue. But here at the Florida Keys Food Tour we’d also like to join the many establishments from small local businesses to corporate conglomerates  that offer thanks the whole year. We will offer a 10% discount to all veterans.

So if a veteran, thank you and use code “Veteran10” for 10% off all tours going forward.  Remember we appreciate your service.

Thank yoo.