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Where to Watch the Sunset in Islamorada? – The Florida Keys Food Tour

As a tour guide on the Florida Keys Food Tour I am often asked many questions about what to do in the Florida Keys and especially the best things to do in Islamorada. And of course I field the question, “Where is the best place to watch a sunset in Islamorada?”

I always share options based on my clients  because the answer certainly “depends.” Did they want a festive or more tranquil setting, do they want the best cocktails or best food or both? Or maybe just the best view? a sunset over the florida bay in islamorada florida keys

Then recently I decided to craft a way for people to appreciate a Florida Keys sunset at its best, my favorite way. I decided to create sunset tours as part of the Florida Keys Food Tour in Islamorada.

Florida Keys Sunset Food Tour Options

Actually three ways exist to catch the sunset on our tours. You can sign up for one of our two different offerings on our tour calendar (click book) or we can create one for you.

  1. Florida Keys Sunset Food Tour on Luxury Golf Carts

Every Thursday we offer food tours on Luxury Golf Carts. Our day time is over lunch while the evening tour covers the sunset with a happy hour focus along with culture, cuisine and of course cocktails and extends into the evening. This tour is 3 hours.

Sign up to take the Islamorada Golf Cart Sunset Happy Hour Tour

  1. Florida Keys Sunset Food Tour  (Walking Tour)

Evevy Friday we offer walking tours. After our original award winning tour we offer a second tour in the evening to take guests on a special sunset tour over happy hour on foot.  With culture, cocktails and cuisine we end our tour appreciating the Florida Keys sunset in Islamorada. This cheaper tour is shorter (2 hours) as it ends with a sunset toast with your toes in the sand and drink in your hand.

Sign up to take the Islamorada Sunset Food Tour. 

a couple of people that are sitting on a bench posing for the camera at sunset over the florida bay in islamorada florida keys

  1. Customize your Florida Keys Food Tour

We love to create and curate personalized tours for groups visiting the keys.  We can customize a tour to match up with a sunset and let you take your family and friends for special celebraitons. We also work with wedding parties and often set up tours for corporate retreats, holiday parties and more.  For inquiries on the private sunset tours, definitely contact us today.

When visiting the Florida Keys watching the sunset is a must. But why not make it even more special with being on one of our Florida Keys Food Tours.

a group of people posing for a photo at sunset on the florida keys food tour in islamorada, florida

Stay loving the keys Sunsets, Craig